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When is the wedding?, the new measures against COVID delay numerous weddings in Spain

BayRadio | August 2, 2021
Wedding Covid

Many couples have been postponing their wedding since the pandemic began, they did not expect a repeat of the situation but with the new limitations in Cataluña, some couples who were going to get married these days are forced to reorganize it again. Some have said that they prefer to leave it for when it’s possible to have a wedding like before.

Irene has postponed her wedding several times. Now she hopes the situation will improve: “If we are not going to be able to do it normally we prefer to wait”. Many restaurants are receiving numerous calls from couples to change the time of the banquet. Outdoor seating is 70% and a number of measures must be complied with in Cataluña.

The dance floors are empty as it is not allowed to dance. Many couples prefer to postpone their wedding if they can not make use of the dance floor since for them it is an indispensable requirement.

Wedding dress houses are also tired of waiting. They explain that many brides end up crying when they see that they will have to postpone their wedding, others assure them that they have already lost the illusion.

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