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Arrest warrant for the father of the two siblings who disappeared in Tenerife for a “possible” parental abduction

BayRadio | August 19, 2021
Kristian Toska And Amantia Toska

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Examining Court number 2 has issued a warrant for the arrest and presentation of a man of German nationality, who could have travelled to the island with his two children, aged 11 and 10, without the mother’s permission.

The National Police has reported that “the investigation began on Tuesday, when this national order came into force, and that all law enforcement agencies are alerted”.

The tracing work is focused on the south of Tenerife, where the father and children are supposed to be.

The association SOS Desaparecidos shared on social networks the poster of the two minors days ago: Kristian and Amantia Toska, 11 and 10 years old, Kristian of brown hair, thin, brown eyes and prescription glasses, and Amantia, thin, brown hair, long and curly, and brown eyes. They are also recorded as missing on 17 January in Tenerife.

Joaquín Amills, president of SOS Desaparecidos, has revealed that the father has threatened the mother with killing the children if she went to the police.

Amills thinks that the father and children are in Tenerife, because “there are pictures of him” on the island, and it’s also known that he has taken several return flights to Madrid by himself.

SOS Desaparecidos qualifies this case as a possible parental abduction.

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