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Joaquín Amills, on the disappeared Kristian and Amantia: “Several testimonies claim to have seen the father in Tenerife”

BayRadio | August 20, 2021
Kristian Toska And Amantia Toska

Joaquín Amills, president of SOS Desaparecidos, points out that the mother of the missing children Kristian and Amantia Toska, 11 and 10 years old, “is very worried, the days go by and there are no news or advances”. ” We are talking about very serious threats and with antecedents, she is very concerned, but grateful for the dissemination and commitment of the media, “she says.

“We have received several testimonies that claim to have seen the father in Tenerife,” he says. He says that the mother has broken her silence “waiting for her voice to be heard” and so that it is understood that “this woman has been subjected to violence since 2013 and has lived with the constant fear that what has happened, the abduction of her children, would happen”.

In addition, he states that it is many years “with this torment” and perhaps from the origin, which is Germany, “measures could have been taken”. Therefore, he says: “I think we have to realize that when some red lights are turned on we have to take action. If there is an attempt at forgery to take the children, you cannot let those children be in the hands of someone who has pretended to take them”.

Finally, he states that the last time the father of the children was seen was in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and would be accompanied by a woman. ” It is confirmed that he has travelled from Madrid to Tenerife and that he was travelling alone, so he has someone who takes care of the children. There are people who tell us that they have seen him with a woman, “he concludes.

The mother of the little ones has sent a letter to the media in which she warns that “she will not stop fighting until she finds them” and assures that “since the divorce began a war without truce had been started”.

In addition, the woman refers to the possibility that the children were on the island. ” When I knew they were in Tenerife I flew there to put up posters of my children’s pictures, but I got nothing and I had to go back to Hamburg”. Once back in Germany, she says the German police told her that they were investigating her husband.

Written by BayRadio

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