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The ninots of the Fallas of Valencia return to the streets

BayRadio | August 20, 2021
Fallas Valencia 2021

The ninots return to the streets after being stored for more than a year and a half. At last, the characteristic characters of the Fallas of Valencia see the light of day for the traditional ‘plantà’.

The Valencian Community is looking forward to these Fallas after being suspended last year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This year 2021 has had to be postponed but will finally be held in September. There are still a few days, but their presence in the streets has returned the illusion to the Valencians.

This Thursday was a very special day for the falleros because 17 months after being stored, the ‘ninots’ that were dismantled by the confinement return to the street. On August 31, everything must be ready to start the Fallas of 2021. It will be a historic edition because it has never been held in September, much less with so many restrictions. One of them, for example, is that the ‘crema’ must be done before the curfew.

These are the restrictions that will have to deal with these Fallas of 2021: mandatory mask use, limited seating and maximum groups of 10 people.

Tears in the streets is what has been seen this Thursday when finally the falleros saw their beloved ‘ninots’ in the streets. The people needed it: “it has cost us a lot but we will have it”, they explain joyful. ” The most important thing now is to value what they are allowed to do.

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