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Overcrowding and queues for 4 hours to access a cove in Mallorca

BayRadio | August 26, 2021
Calo Des Moro

When tourists come these days to Caló del Moro, a cove in Mallorca, they find long lines of several hours to reach the beach, the neighbors complain about the overcrowding that this area of the island is suffering this summer.

But in this part of the island, there are not only waiting lists to access the cove, but also to get a table in a restaurant or to rent a boat.

Crystal clear waters, with white sand to spend hours and hours on this beach of the Mediterranean Sea but only a few, manage to get a bath because to enter Caló des Moro you have to have a lot of patience.

In this paradise beach, tourists queue between 9 am and 6 pm and can accumulate up to 100 people, at the end some will have been waiting for 4 hours but others will not have managed to reach the sand.

Many of the arriving tourists take a photo and go back because stepping on the sand is quite complicated, some tourists say that “every day there is a queue and that getting in the sea is impossible”.

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