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Residents of San Fernando de Henares denounce a plague of rats: “They are bigger than a hare”

BayRadio | August 27, 2021
Rats San Fernando De Henares

Residents of San Fernando de Henares, located east of the city of Madrid, have denounced in the ‘Madrid Directo’ program the problem that has been tormenting them for more than 3 months: a plague of rats in a park very close to their homes.

As these neighbors have said, they believe that the origin of these huge rats lies in the hedgerows, where they hide and burrow. The citizens of San Fernando de Henares ask for measures to be taken as soon as possible because, as one of the neighbors assures, they have been “more than 3 months with this problem”.

These rats don’t hide. They can be seen in broad daylight on the park lawn and are the same size as a rabbit. ” They are bigger than a hare, “says a neighbor who says that these rodents are “in the park every day”.

Neighbors complain that this situation cannot continue and ask the City for a solution. ” The City Council has already come three times to exterminate, but it seems that it has not been effective. And the proof is that you can see the holes where they are. Those hedges have to be removed, “said a neighbor.

They fear that it may pose a health hazard, especially to the health of children, who are more likely to encounter a rat while playing. The reason for this rat infestation is not yet known but neighbours are confident that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible.

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