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Unemployment drops in August by 82,583 people and reaches February 2020 levels

BayRadio | September 2, 2021

Unemployment is falling for the sixth consecutive month and youth unemployment, although still the second highest in Europe, is below that recorded before the pandemic.

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (former Inem) fell by 82,583 unemployed in August (-2.4%), its biggest decline in a month of August within the historical series, according to data published this Thursday by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.

The number of seasonally adjusted Social Security members stood at 19,477,505 in August, with an increase of 76,541 workers over the previous month. That is, 0.39% more, according to data published by Trabajo.

Thus, the number of employees stands at levels close to those recorded in February 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic.According to the Labour portfolio, the increase in jobs has occurred in almost all sectors, the most favoured being the service sector, with 60,183 more members. Meanwhile, Industry totaled 8,529 people and Construction, 6,762.

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