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The first students from La Rioja and Murcia return to school

BayRadio | September 6, 2021
Back To School

Students from La Rioja and Murcia return to classes this week after the summer holidays. Reunions with friends and farewells with parents have took place at the doors of the schools. In total, more than eight million students have started classes throughout Spain.

This is the second school year that begins with the coronavirus pandemic, although for this year 2021-2022 some measures have been relaxed, which will be different in the communities, something that has provoked the discontent of parents and teachers who demand unified measures.

Vaccination against Covid-19 will be key in this course because it will relax some measures. Teachers already have the full Sars-CoV-2 vaccine regimen and students over the age of 12 are starting to be vaccinated. Some already have the first dose.

The mask will continue to be compulsory at school for those over six and the bubble groups will be maintained. The distance between the tables will be reduced to 1.2 meters, allowing for more students per class: it will return to 2019 levels.

In addition, not so many reinforcement teachers will be hired. Students who go to the dining room will also be assigned permanent positions. And all must carry a ‘kit’ with hydroalcoholic gel.

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