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A second dose of Astrazeneca is mistakenly administered to 18 people in Badalona

BayRadio | September 10, 2021

The events occurred on August 15 in Can Cabanyes, when a misunderstanding led to the administration of 18 second doses of AstraZeneca to people who were to receive Moderna.

According to Salud, who says that it is an “isolated case”, there are a total of 34 people affected, since they are the group of those who were vaccinated in the time slot in which the confusion with the doses occurred

Of the 34 Moderna records, there are actually 18 that are from AstraZeneca, but the department does not know which are the vaccinated that were given the wrong dose.

Salud has specified that those affected are being followed up and, in addition, ensures that this is an asylum case.

Vaccination with AstraZeneca was suspended in people under the age of 60 in April by the government, when two million people had already received a dose. The reason, the cases of thrombosis detected in some patients.

As soon as it was detected, Public Health was informed and measures were taken to “minimize possible risks”, those affected were called to inform them and for the moment are followed by telephone in addition to offering a serological test one month after the second dose.

The Minister recalled that, “for various reasons, at the international and state levels guidelines have been used that include the administration of two different types of vaccines without associating with harmful health effects” and have stated that it is a “isolated case” within “a vaccination plan in which more than 10 million vaccines have been administered”.

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