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The Sierra Bermeja fire was intentional and a flammable liquid, possibly gasoline, was used

BayRadio | September 14, 2021
Fire Ribas De Sil And Ribeira Sacra

10,000 hectares of burnt area, about 3,000 people avacuated from various localities and a dead firefighter. The balance of the fire in Sierra Bermeja, in Malaga, is bleak but what was the origin? The prosecution’s line of inquiry is that the fire was intentional. The authors allegedly used a flammable liquid, possibly gasoline, according to Antena 3 Noticias.

According to sources, piles of straw and pine cones were used and set on fire with an accelerant liquid, probably gasoline.

The existence of several initial sources of the fire in Sierra Bermeja, simultaneously and at different points on a road without circulation, indicates that it was intentional, as the Prosecutor’s Office advanced. The authors allegedly used a flammable liquid such as gasoline.

The fire in Sierra Bermeja has entered the control phase today thanks to the rain that has fallen after burning nearly 10,000 hectares. The fire has claimed the life of a firefighter and has caused injuries of different consideration to several operatives.

As of today, residents of the six evicted localities, namely Genalguacil, Jubrique, Faraján, Júzcar, Alpandeire and Pujerra, can return to their homes. About 3,000 people were evacuated during these days.

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