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The last movements of the parricide of Barcelona before taking his own life near the airport of El Prat

BayRadio | September 17, 2021
Barcelona 2 Year Old

The Mossos d’Esquadra believe that the alleged parricide of Barcelona committed suicide hours after allegedly killing his two-year-old son in a hotel in Barcelona, as explained by the head of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Mossos, Inspector Josep Naharro, who claims that he may have ended his life “hours after the night of 24 August”.

Investigators point out that the crime was planned, but not his escape. After allegedly killing his son at the Barcelona hotel last August, he fled the establishment by jumping the fence.

He apparently tried to leave through Barcelona’s El Prat airport, but was unable to do so because he had no passport and eventually reached a wooded area near the airport where the Mossos found the body.

A difficult-to-reach area, which the police managed to access via a canal near El Prat airport after using several drones and agents on foot trying to locate the alleged perpetrator in the area.

Naharro has detailed that the main hypotheses were to find him with or without life in Barcelona or in another territory, and that at no time has the hypothesis been raised that the alleged author had planned his escape, and has also stated that he did not contact anyone either.

Forensics confirmed that the body found was the man wanted via the fingerprints, after comparing the prints to his ID.

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