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The meme of The Simpsons and Susanna Griso that goes viral after the eruption of the volcano in La Palma

BayRadio | September 23, 2021
Simpson Prediction

The eruption of the volcano in La Palma has caused an increasing amount of news presenters to be sent to the area of Cumbre Vieja. On Tuesday, September 21, the presenter for ‘Espejo Publico’ Susanna Griso traveled to the island of the Canary Islands to report about the brutal volcanic activity that the inhabitants of the place are living.

Susanna Griso began by saying: “barely a kilometer and a half separate us from that monster that already has nine mouths” in relation to the eruption of the volcano of La Palma. This fact has caused social networks to revolutionize. The Simpsons already predicted it, “a user wrote on their Twitter account.

Many people have tried to predict the future, yet almost everyone has failed in their attempts. The opposite is true of the ‘Simpsons’ series, which was created in 1989. Many of the topics dealt with in it are absurd, however, also many of them end up moving to real life, as in this case the informative coverage of the eruption of the volcano of La Palma. Al Jean, animator of ‘The Simpsons’, said that “it’s a little sad that something you put on a show as a joke because it was so crazy came true”.

Some of the successful points of the series with real life are the trip of Richard Branson to space, which, although the character did not have the same name, the characteristics of the trip coincide. Another noteworthy fact is the presidency of Donald Trump, whose fictional mandate seems of the same characteristics as happened in real life.

The Lady Gaga show at the Super Bowl break, which has a great resemblance to the 2021 singer’s cameo in The Simpsons. Another fact is the purchase of Disney from Fox, which was predicted two decades before it came true. The Capitol assault, which occurred last January, was also something the Simpsons wanted to teach in their series.

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