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The government today approves aid of more than 10 million euros for those affected by the La Palma volcano

BayRadio | September 28, 2021
Aid La Palma

The government has approved this morning in the Council of Ministers a decree that collects aid of more than ten million euros for those affected by the volcanic eruption of La Palma, aimed at providing housing and acquiring items that they may need in their day to day.

As learned from government sources, through two measures, proposed by the Ministry of Social Rights, the Government of the Canary Islands will be provided with EUR 5.5 million for the acquisition of 107 housing units on the island, which may be publicly or privately owned, and must be capable of being occupied immediately by the families concerned, or within a period compatible with the urgency of the need to be met.

In addition, they will provide a further EUR 5 million in financial support for the purchase of basic necessities, which will be used for the families of La Palma affected by the loss or damage that makes it impossible to enjoy their usual home as a result of the volcanic eruption, either temporarily or definitively.

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