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Driving licence extension now allows you to use UK licence in Spain until 31st December 2021

BayRadio | October 27, 2021
UK licence

News that many will feel relieved to hear, the Spanish government have announced that it will extend the validity of UK driving licences until 31st December. This is the second time this period has been extended in order to allow British nationals enough time to swap their permits over what with the long delay times for theory and driving tests in spanish in many areas.

The extension means UK licence holders who reside in Spain can continue legally driving in Spain for an extra 92 days.

If you want to take action now, you could, apply for a Spanish licence. This includes taking both a practical and theory test. You can find more information here:…/permiso-conducir/index.shtml

UK Nationals who successfully registered their intent to exchange their licence before 30 December 2020, will be able to exchange it for a Spanish one without having to take a practical test up until 31 December 2021. If you moved to Spain after 1 January 2021, your UK licence is valid for six months from the date of your TIE or until 31 December, whichever is later. If you are visiting Spain as a tourist, please see for information on anything you may need to do to drive in Spain.

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