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Dr. Villanueva, specialist in Internal Medicine, takes the reins of the HCB Calpe International medical and specialty centre

BayRadio | November 2, 2021
Dr. Rafael Villanueva 2021 Web

The new coordinator of HCB Calpe International is bilingual in German and English and has a holistic vision of health Hospital Clínica Benidorm incorporates into its own medical staff Dr. Rafael Villanueva, a
specialist in Internal Medicine who, in this new stage at HCB, will be in charge of the General Medicine Service of HCB Calpe.

Dr. Rafael Villanueva, practices a holistic approach to Medicine, positioning himself as an excellent General Practitioner with the experience of his main Specialty in Internal Medicine that, of course, adds value to his personal Curriculum and to the care of his patients.

Dr. Villanueva was trained at the DSV School (Deutsche Schule Valencia), studying at the so called ABITUR (Bachelor identical to the one taught in Germany), receiving bilingual training in English and German.

This demanding training has allowed him, among other things, to act as Technical Director of the DIORKI S.L. (Comprehensive Editorial Services Company) carrying out the coordination, supervision and technical review of the original translation in German and English languages ​​of medical sciences, Evaluation Reports, etc. And, of course, treating patients of different nationalities.

His medical training was carried out in the Internal Medicine Service of the Hospital “Virgen de la Salud” in Toledo and his career has been very extensive, practicing among others, in the National Hospital of Paraplegics of Toledo, Provincial Hospital of Castellón, Hospital of La Plana Castellón, Hospital Quirón Valencia, etc.

For more than 5 years he worked at HCB Benidorm in the Internal Medicine Service, treating the majority of German, English, Dutch and Belgian patients for both Hospitalization and Outpatient Consultations with great involvement and recognition from his patients. Currently, he is joining this new project at HCB Calpe with great enthusiasm.

In addition, Dr. Villanueva has been the Medical Officer of the Merchant Marine on the Ministry of Development vessel “Esperanza del mar” for international missions; and he has also participated in transoceanic expeditions with the well-known “Rainbow Warrior” and “Esperanza” of the international NGO Greenpeace. These experiences provide him with
extensive knowledge in emergency and intensive care situations, as well as a very global vision of Medicine.

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