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Problems with the Covid passport in people who have one dose of the vaccine after having Covid

BayRadio | November 8, 2021
Covid Passport

Paula, Christian and Veronica had Covid before getting vaccinated. Since they already had antibodies, they were given only one dose, which would be the whole pattern. But downloading their digital travel certificate indicated that they were missing a dose.

“I don’t know why I found that I was missing a dose,” asks Paula, one of those affected. For passport purposes, her vaccination is not correct.

“One of the reviewers told me that he couldn’t let me leave the airport because my passport was incomplete,” Veronica explains about his situation.

The Ombudsman has already notified the Ministry of Health of these cases. However, the Consumer Organization indicated that the correction has to be made at the regional level.

Ileana Izverniceanu, spokeswoman for the OCU, explains that “it would be the health councils of the communities who have to issue the Covid passport”. But the issue is complicated; people immunized with a single dose for having passed Covid may not be admitted in many countries either.

Those people who have been vaccinated with a single dose for passing the coronavirus, are included 1/1 and thus are reflected in the passport. The problem is that in some countries, both inside and outside the European Union, they demand two doses.

Some communities, such as the Community of Madrid, are exceptionally managing this second dose of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca, to facilitate mobility to those who need it.

But not all autonomies are doing it. So, if you can’t fix it, the only option would be to present a negative PCR test. However, this would entail extra expense for the consumer.

Written by BayRadio

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