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The SOS of farmers by the price rise of electricity: “they will make us close”

BayRadio | November 9, 2021
Electricity Price Going Up

The price of electricity continues to rise, yesterday it cost 28% more than Sunday and 84% more than last Monday. This causes problems in many sectors, including agriculture and livestock, which pay 75% more electricity than a year ago. They also pay double for diesel, fertilizer and plastics.

They themselves say that this situation is unsustainable and that if it drags on they do not know whether they will be able to cope with it for much longer. The owner of a pig farm explains that in this campaign he will have to pay around 40,000 euros more, a situation that is repeating in many sectors.

There are some myths about the consumption of electricity that energy saving expert Manuel Amate solved. Below, we see some of them.

Appliances on stand-by. This refers to those appliances that are plugged in but turned off. The expert explains that all equipment that is plugged into the electricity grid has a power consumption even if it is small”. The best advice on this is to unplug everything.

The washing machine. It is false that long programs spend more, in fact Amate recommends “putting the washing machine in the economic programs, which are the most durable, because they are the most efficient. In addition, it is always advisable to hang your washing and to not use a dryer”.

Heating. It is false to leave the heating on low consumes less than to turn it off. Although the expert says that it also depends on technology. At a general level, air conditioners or radiators with water, when we are not in the house or are sleeping we must turn them off or keep them at a temperature called ‘absence or night’. At a maximum of 16 degrees and when we get up or are doing something at home at a maximum of 21 degrees”.

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