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Concern for Black Friday over shortages

BayRadio | November 10, 2021
Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and the Spaniards are already preparing their lists for one of the biggest annual consumption days. So much so that, according to a survey conducted by Milanuncios, the population is expected to spend 242 euros individually for this holiday. Although everything will depend on the possible shortage in the shops.

In particular, 49% of respondents say they are concerned about the possible shortage of products, although it is also noteworthy that despite this circumstance 76% of Spaniards have indicated that they will take advantage of the offers of these dates to buy items. The average expenditure is EUR 242, although 47% of them consider that they will spend less.

As an alternative, 37% of respondents have stated that they will resort to second-hand trade for (in 14% of cases) concern or (in 22%) to avoid manufacturing new products and collaborate with sustainability.

The question at this point is which products will be most in demand. And, as they tend to prevail at this time, again 37% of consumers plan to buy clothes and accessories, while 34.2% will opt for more technological products. These are followed by toys (16%), books (13%) and decoration (11%).

Will these purchases be made more in online or physical commerce? The truth is that at this point 54% of those investigated will opt for purchases on the internet. The main cause: 41% of them value online shopping very positively and 28% point out that this allows them to find a better price. Also, comfort, receiving shipments at home, is important for 24%.

In terms of gender, men will be the ones who will invest around 80 euros on average more than women. That is, while they will buy products worth 283 euros, they will do so for an average of 202. In addition, young people are the ones who will bet on a larger budget that will rise to 274 euros.

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