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The virologist advising Merkel believes that Spain will overcome the pandemic in spring

BayRadio | November 16, 2021
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The increase in hospital admissions and the incidence of Covid-19 in Spain are of particular concern due to the drop in temperatures, which do not predict that these data will be reversed despite the high vaccination figures. So much so that Christian Drosen, the so-called virologist of Angela Merkel, has pointed out that our country will not overcome the pandemic until the spring. An optimistic view that contrasts with what he has for Germany, where he believes they are still “far away”.

“We are still far away. In fact, as soon as the Delta variant is imposed with all its force our hospitals will be saturated again, “said Drosen, who believes that “countries with high vaccination rates such as Spain and Portugal could definitely leave the pandemic behind in the spring”. However, from the peninsular borders, optimism is not so great.

This is the understanding of virologist Estanislao Nistal, who has acknowledged that “the incidence will continue to rise in the coming weeks until we put some measure or it is stagnating like other European countries”. ” It is not so much the worry of saturation but of what we can have at the level of primary care, “he said. And it is that, in his opinion, “if we can with small measures reduce the increase of cases is something that we will take”.

In addition, the level of vaccination is wide, since in Spain there are two million people without vaccinations while in countries like Germany, much more lagging, the figure reaches twelve million. ” In this sense we are a little ahead of other countries, but we also see a percentage of the population that is not vaccinated, including children, and in those vaccinated the virus will continue to be transmitted”.

“The problem,” says Nistal, is that “this disease can cause us problems either at home or by taking those weaker people to the hospital”. That is why, although spring is cited as the date when the pandemic in our country will end, “it is likely that the virus will stay with us for a while or until we get a much more effective vaccine and become a much more seasonal virus”.

That’s when the third dose of the vaccine gets stronger. ” It is possible that in the future we have to rethink the effectiveness of vaccination to prevent death, so we should not rule out in the future needing other doses, “even if it was Spanish. The fact is that, as the virologist has detailed, a national vaccine “can reinforce the scarcity or slowness with which some companies have supplied some vaccines or access to them, but it is something that has to be valued”.

And vaccinate the children? This virologist is clear: “Vaccination of children has already begun in some countries such as the United States and in Canada will be permitted soon. It is something that we have to value, at least allow, to have access to that vaccine”.

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