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Would it be legal to confine those not vaccinated against COVID-19 in Spain?

BayRadio | November 16, 2021
Austria Covid

Several communities are considering requiring the COVID certificate, but at the moment it would not be legal to follow the example of Austria, which has confined nearly 2 million people because they are not vaccinated against coronavirus.

According to José Bestard, an expert in health law, Spain could not replicate the Austrian restriction. ” If the Government wanted to implement it, it certainly could not do so through the state of alarm decrees”.

In this sense, the Second Vice President and Councillor for Health and Social Services of the Regional Government of Extremadura, José María Vergeles, said that in the country at the moment it would be “difficult” to impose quarantine on people who are not immunized. ” We no longer have any legal umbrella that tells us that we can take this or that step”.

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has been in favour of compulsory vaccination of certain workers being decided “uniformly” throughout the country. ” We have limited powers and, at the moment, moreover, even in a situation where we are not in a health emergency, fortunately, it is not possible to apply the Antipandemia Law passed in the Basque Parliament on 24 June. But we do not cease our efforts to call for shared responsibility on the part of each of us, “he said.

Austria has quarantined 2 million unvaccinated people in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. The restriction will remain until November 24. ” We do not take this step lightly, we know it is necessary, “said Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg.

In this way, those who do not have the vaccine can only leave the house to work or buy food.

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