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These are the requirements to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square

BayRadio | November 17, 2021
New Year Times Square

The increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the world is continuing, and as a result more and more countries are taking restrictive measures. From the confines in Austria to the restrictions in some places such as New York, that before the massive arrival of tourists to celebrate their traditional Christmas in Times Square, the city council has decided to establish a series of requirements.

Specifically, all those who wish to receive the New Year in this iconic place must prove that they are vaccinated against Covid-19. For this, all those who want to enter the place who are older than five years must present a proof of vaccination prior to December 16.

In the case of not having it, a negative virus test will be necessary made 72 hours before. “New Year’s Eve “is yet another test for the world that we are 100% back,” said Bill de Blasio, who does not want anything to go wrong during the big annual celebration.

This was pointed out by the mayor of the town, during a press conference in which it was recalled that just last Saturday Times Square received more than 270,000 people and that tourists in the area has increased by 50%. That is why every measure is little to be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve with total guarantees from this iconic place.

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