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Which communities are planning to introduce the covid passport in Spain?

BayRadio | November 17, 2021

Although experts and authorities characterize the current epidemiological situation as “very favorable, with a marked decrease in serious cases and lethality”, communities are focused on seeking measures to guarantee this trend now that the Christmas holidays arrive and, increase in the mobility of the population. Among these measures, there are several communities that request the implementation of the covid passport in Spain.

The debate about the requirement of the covid passport in some situations to try to contain the contagions is on the table, there are already several communities that consider requesting it.

The Minister of Health of Castile and Leon, Verónica Casado, explained her intention to apply for the covid passport in those closed places where, once you enter, people take off their masks, such as nightlife, hostels and hospitality. He explains that this would be a measure to be applied by territory and on a temporary basis. Although the measure does not apply in a coordinated way in all the communities, Castilla y León will apply it, always with the endorsement of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León. They see this as a good way to prevent the upsurge of contagion and not to have to set perimeter limits.

The Basque Government is of the same opinion as Castile and Leon and is going to ask the High Court of Justice for authorisation to require a covid certificate in activities such as nightlife, concerts or catering. The Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, has explained that she will ask the authorities of the municipalities to overcome the 150 cases of incidence the suspension of events in which preventive measures cannot be guaranteed.

The Valencian Community and Galicia are also in favour of applying this measure, President Ximo Puig insisted that the Generalitat is already trying to speed up the legal processes to implement the covid passport in certain centres. For its part, the Xunta wants to ask for it during visits to hospitals.

Meanwhile, the president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, goes further by asking that “everyone be vaccinated, either the good way or the bad way, by the civil or the military”, or that those who are not vaccinated be forced to “stay at home”.

Catalonia established the mandatory use of the covid passport for nightlife and now proposes to extend its use to other activities.

Written by BayRadio

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