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Restrictions on capacity and hours in hospitality and telework, Sanidad proposals to stop Covid-19

BayRadio | November 23, 2021
Covid Traffic Light

The incidence of Covid-19 in Spain continues to escalate and after the weekend this Monday 15,875 new infections have been reported, 22 deaths and an incidence of 132.19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is not a favourable reality if we take into account the Christmas festivities and their consequent agglomerations. For this reason, the Public Health Commission of the Inter-territorial Health Council has drafted a new draft, detailing the response actions to control the pandemic.

The famous Covid19 traffic light has again been retouched by the Ministry of Health in a new document dated November 23, 2021 and detailing the new limitations and restrictions proposed by the executive portfolio to mitigate the rise of cases within the Spanish borders.

In particular, the new document clearly states that “the use of indoor masks and physical distance” are vital elements to prevent cases from continuing to rise regardless of the level of alertness at which they are located. And not only that, the agency recalls that it must take into account “the recommendation of ventilation in each of the different sectors”. Likewise, Sanidad also considers the prohibition of “smoking on the terraces, as well as eating and drinking in public spaces when it is not possible to maintain the safe distance”.

In those areas where indoor activities are carried out and continued use of the mask can be guaranteed, the new Covid-19 traffic light does not provide for a reduction in capacity at the first alert level in most cases, with exceptions. And it is that both in cinemas and in other spaces where the consumption of drinks and food is allowed the capacity will be 50%, as on the proposal.

On the second alert level, it is stipulated that the seating capacity must be limited to 75 per cent and that neither food nor drink may be eaten. In the case of level 3, the capacity reduction will be 50% and if you scale up to the fourth you could talk about closing.

However, these measures are different in the hospitality sector. The reason is no other but that already in level 1 limitations of 80% of the capacity are established, which go down to 50% in case of climbing to level 2. In this case the measures will also return to limitations of ten people per table and time restrictions: closing at 23:00.

In the case of climbing to the third level the capacity will be reduced to 25%, with a maximum of six people per table, and again will be at 23:00 hours the time of closing. What happens then in case of reaching the level 4? The service will be eliminated inside, collection and delivery will be proposed, and it may be possible to propose the closure of premises or establishments.

Among the various measures proposed by Sanidad in this latest update of the traffic light Covid-19 also highlights the return to telework, especially at levels three and four, as well as avoid meeting to eat or drink in the working spaces.

Likewise, in those occupations in which a face-to-face activity is required, compliance with all prevention and adequate ventilation measures shall be ensured regardless of the level of alert.

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