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Sanidad debate with communities today the use of the covid passport, seating at sporting events and the covid traffic light

BayRadio | November 24, 2021
Covid Traffic Light

The Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities will meet again this Wednesday at the Inter-territorial Council, where they will discuss some coronavirus issues and measures to prevent the spread, after the Public Health Commission approved on Tuesday the new covid traffic light, which modifies the risk thresholds that measure the alert level of each territory, but the restrictions of each level were not approved.

The Ministry of Health and the communities agreed on October 27 to maintain the current capacity of sports events (100% in open spaces and 80% in closed facilities) until November 30. At the time of these measures, the incidence rate per covid-19 was less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and now stands at 139.10 cases.

Health officials will be able to comment on this new traffic light and analyse the vaccination campaign. It is also on the table to implement the covid passport for some activities such as access to discotheques or hotels, a measure that does not achieve a general consensus and that does not always get the judicial endorsement.

The new covid traffic light setting the risk thresholds, which has been approved by Sanidad, states:

  • The very high risk: Exceeds 500 cases.
  • High risk: Between 300 and 500 cases.
  • Average risk: 100 to 300 cases.
  • Low risk: Between 50 and 100 cases.
  • Controlled circulation: less than 50 cases.

Other issues raised during the meeting include the financing of health cohesion policy programmes, training for doctors and public health education to promote the rational use of medicines. The development of the national bone marrow donation plan amounting to EUR 28,198,679.52 will also be discussed.

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