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The 3 missing minors from a center in Aranjuez are located in good condition

BayRadio | November 25, 2021
Missing Minors

The National Police has located in good condition the three minors who disappeared last Sunday, November 14, from a center in Aranjuez and have arrested the mother and her partner, according to police sources. UFAM agents in Aranjuez have located the children in the Madrid town of Cadalso de los Vidrios.

The operation has been assisted by the Unit attached to the National Police to the Courts of Plaza de Castilla.

The children were last seen on 14 November, when the mother of the children picked them up from the children’s residence where they lived. The parent was supposed to return them that afternoon, but none of them returned, which is why the police activated the alert for a possible abduction by the mother, after more than a week without news about the children.

Yesterday morning, the father of the children, who are 5, 7 and 9 years old, had said that he was sure that his children “were well”. ” All I’m asking you, please, is for the kids to show up, to look out for the kids, and I’m not selfish”.

In 2016, the mother had two opportunities to regain custody of her children, but, according to the father, “she didn’t take them to school, if she left them at school, she was forced to pick them up, she didn’t take them to doctors appointments,” he explains.

The father feared, as he explained, that Nieves (the mother) could have gone with the children to Córdoba, where the authorities have also looked for the children, in addition to in Madrid, where the autonomous community had the guardianship of minors.

The children’s father and grandfather alerted the authorities to the disappearance of the children.

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