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The restrictions during the December puente that each community will apply

BayRadio | December 1, 2021
Covid Passport Spain

The COVID-19 variant and the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Spain is causing many communities to consider new restrictions for the December puente to stop the expansion of the virus.

Galicia, some municipalities in Murcia, Cantabria, La Rioja and the Balearic Islands are committed to adopting measures to prevent contagion during the next weekend. In addition, there are several communities that already request the covid passport to access bars, restaurants or nightlife.

During this December puente some communities will have capacity limitations in the hospitality industry

Galicia: A maximum of 8 people per table indoors and 15 on terraces. A covid passport will be requested at the hospitality (from 21:00 hours in cafes and bars and all day in restaurants).

Murcia: Capacity limited to 30% in five Murcia municipalities at risk 4.

Cantabria: Maximum of 10 people per table and indoor seating at 75%. Capacity of the nightlife venues will be 50%

La Rioja: They will not ask in the covid passport, but there will be capacity inside 75% and 12 nights with “special schedule”.

Balearic Islands: They will ask for a covid passport in the hospitality sector with capacity for more than 50 people and all the nightlife.

Navarre: Ask for the covid passport in the nightlife and restaurants with capacity for more than 60 people.

Aragon: Ask for the covid passport, mandatory at night leisure.

Valencian Community: Mandatory from Friday in bars and restaurants with capacity for more than 50 people.

Catalonia: Mandatory from Friday in the hospitality sector, nightlife and gyms.

The Canary Islands may have restrictions, although nothing is confirmed.

The following communities will not apply measures.

Castilla-La Mancha

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