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At least 13 injured, 3 of them seriously, after the fire in a waste factory in Tarragona

BayRadio | December 3, 2021
Fire Alborç

The firefighters of Alborç, in Baix Penedès, Tarragona, report that, around 11:00 hours this morning, they received a warning from a waste treatment factory ( oils, solvents…). They continue to work on extinguishing the fire.

Fourteen firefighters are currently on the ground. Thirteen injured persons who are being assessed for their minor condition have been treated. Except for three of them who are severely burned and will be transferred to Vall d’Hebron Hospital. A person with a less serious prognosis has also been transferred to El Vendrell Hospital.

Nine minor injuries have been assisted with minor burns and are discharged from medical care in situ.

The fire has affected one of the company’s ships and also trucks, and a vehicle nearby. At the moment, the origin of the fire is unknown and investigators are working to find out the causes of the fire.

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