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Amós García, on the high risk of contagion in Spain: “We have lowered our guard with the security measures”

BayRadio | December 10, 2021
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Amós García Rojas, president of the Spanish Association of Vaccinology, has attended Antena 3 Noticias live to assess the impact that the new coronavirus variant, Ómicron, is having in many countries around the world. The epidemiologist has also wanted to answer some questions that raise doubts in society such as why it has taken so long to vaccinate children?

“We started vaccinating children when we could, when we made sure it wasn’t dangerous. Parents need to be reassured because a lot of tests have been done and if it has been authorized they don’t have to worry, “Amós explains.

Another issue that has been addressed is the EMA’s recommendation that the third dose be applied to the third month of the second pattern. ” The EMA is a non-recommendatory regulatory body, he has not said that he recommends that the dose be put at 3 months after the second pattern but only that it can be done, that decision does not belong to them”.

Something that has become quite clear is that vaccines have an ‘expiration date’, the vaccinator Amós García explains: “Many vaccines have ‘expiration’, in the first year of our life we are given vaccines more than once because we need to strengthen the immune system, with this dose is the same,” he says.

“It continues to move forward, it is in phase 2, it follows a good path, it is predictable that in a certain time it will be available. It’s similar to what we have, many of the vaccines we receive as children are not sterilizing, they prevent us from getting sick, “says the president of the Spanish Association of Vaccinology.

In conclusion, he referred to the high risk of contagion in Spain in which we are currently: “It was possible, there are other key elements, there are people who have not been vaccinated, we have to ventilate the enclosed spaces and use the massacrillas, if we lower our guard in this area it is reasonable that we are in the situation of high risk,” concludes Amós García.

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