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Flooded rivers and isolated cities, this is how the storm that ravages the north of Spain advances

BayRadio | December 10, 2021

Concern in the north of the peninsula in the face of heavy rainfall that is leaving large overflows of numerous rivers of the Basque Country and Navarre and has even left isolated populations, confined, without the possibility of leaving by road.

Of particular concern are the rivers passing through the Basque Country, where the water has overflowed in the town of Mendaro in Gipuzkoa. And not only that. The hospital has been isolated. That is why the health workers are calling the patients who had an appointment this Friday to ask them not to come. A situation that prevents entering by road. In fact, the N624 is completely cut off from traffic and also affects Elgobiar.

The Urumea also falls with great force due to the heavy rains, as rainfall has not stopped for twenty days. Such is the magnitude that in a matter of a dozen days has tripled the amount of water that usually falls throughout December in the community. That is why the reservoirs do not provide enough and there are currently many landslides in various areas of the Basque Country. Also in Navarre, where there are several neighborhoods of Pamplona that are currently flooded.

The Oria River has also overflowed as it passes through Andoain; and the Bidasoa, in Irun, has forced several streets to be cut. The problem is that it is expected to continue to rain for the next 24 hours, which does not encourage a possible amelioration of the situation.

The problem is that this situation is not exclusive to the Basque Country and Navarre, it also affects surrounding towns and communities with them. One of them is Castilla y León, where the Ebro River has also overflowed as it passes through Miranda de Ebro.

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