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Traffic cuts and evacuations in Zaragoza where it is expected to be the worst day of the flood of the Ebro River

BayRadio | December 14, 2021
Ebro River

The situation in Zaragoza is starting to get complicated and it is expected that this Tuesday will be the worst day of the flood of the Ebro River. Already in the city there are traffic cuts, blocked roads and evacuated houses to avoid damage caused by the floods of the Ebro.

The population is extremely concerned. The flood of the river is slow and progressive, so the municipal services can work hours in advance, anticipating the increase of the flow of the river. Although they believe that the damage caused can surpass those of the flood of 2015.

The mayor of the town warned that this flood could be worse than that of six years ago and is expected to exceed six meters in height. There are already areas and parks sealed to prevent residents of the Aragonese capital from approaching the river.

“An extraordinary flood,” commented a resident of Zaragoza. Access to traffic is being cut and some homes are being evacuated to avoid possible damage caused by this flood of the Ebro River.

The police ask that no one approach the Ebro because the flow is rising and reaches eight meters high at its entrance in Zaragoza. In the center, the flow is at a height of five meters, although it is expected to increase in the next few hours. It is feared that the Ebro flood of 2015 will be overcome.

The head of Hydrology of the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (CHE), María Luisa Moreno, said that the peak of the flood of the Ebro River can reach this Tuesday afternoon the city of Zaragoza arriving at the bridge of Santiago at an altitude of between 5,8 and 6.2 meters, in 2015 stood at 6.1 meters, and a flow of between 2,200 and 2,400 cubic meters per second.

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