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United Kingdom records record number of daily infections since pandemic started

BayRadio | December 17, 2021
Covid Uk

For the second consecutive time, the United Kingdom has recorded the highest number of cases of Covid-19 per day since the pandemic began, with 88,376 cases confirmed this Thursday. The highest daily figure to date was 78,610, recorded on Wednesday, and the previous highest number was on 8 January, when the country was in strict quarantine.

During a press conference, Chris Whitty, England’s medical advisor, confirmed Wednesday that numbers will increase to worse in the coming weeks, and that ”the worst is yet to come’. ‘We are experiencing two pandemics at the same time,’ said Whitty, who spoke on camera with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

With the two pandemics he referred to those caused by the two variants of SARS-CoV-2 which is responsible for a large number of positives in the country: the omni, with high growth, and the Delta, which is still infected by the streets of the United Kingdom and the whole world.

Boris Johnson’s executive has left the development of the current and future situation of the pandemic in the hands of the vaccination plan against Covid-19. So far, just over 82% of the British population has the full vaccination schedule and their respective covid passport. Forty-five per cent of the country has already taken the third dose.

In addition, Queen Isabell II has suspended the traditional Christmas lunch she celebrates with many members of the royal family because of the precautionary measures recommended by the British health authorities.

The United Kingdom Government under Boris Johnson has been obliged to re-impose certain restrictions because of the increase in contagion and death caused by the new Omicron variant. In addition, telecommuting and the use of the vaccination certificate to access certain facilities have been reintroduced. Johnson is confident that the UK’s ‘Plan B’ will be effective against increased contagion.

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