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Primary care in Madrid warns of the risk of collapse by omicron and urges these 5 restrictions

BayRadio | December 20, 2021
Metoprolol Covid

“We are facing the collapse of primary care,” warns the Madrid Medical Association. The new epidemiological situation with the rate of COVID-19 infections on the rise and the emergence of the new omic variant, “of a very high transmission” puts the entire health system in check again.

From the AP Bureau of ICOMEM they have published a statement in which they denounce that they face the sanitary collapse if it is intended to control this new wave of coronavirus “only in the performance of diagnostic or self-diagnostic test, and the subsequent isolation of the patient”.

To argue this complaint, they show the data and assure that the number of diagnostic tests to confirm or rule out the infection went up on Saturday in the Community of Madrid to a total of 27,998, of which 16,661 are antigen tests, with a positivity rate of 21%, and 11,337 PCR. In addition, 1,769 positive drug tests were recorded.

From this table urges the authorities of the Community of Madrid to “assess and implement” more restrictions such as:

  • Selectively prioritize urgent, non-dependent attention and again limit the rest
  • Ongoing awareness campaigns stimulating and demanding personal attitudes
  • Establish restrictions on the concentration of people, especially in enclosed spaces, hotels, public transport, social events etc.
  • Advance school holidays to prevent the spread of the new strain in unvaccinated children.
  • Strengthening of the primary care workforce and, in particular, increasing the number of covid agents

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