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End of the year with 20 degrees in large areas of Spain by the entry of a subtropical air mass

BayRadio | December 28, 2021
Winter On The Beach

After a week of Christmas where rainfall has been the main protagonists, comes a mass of very warm air that will cause a rise in temperatures quite considerable and atypical at this time to bid farewell 2021. This rise in the thermometer will continue beyond New Year’s Eve, extending to the first days of 2022.

For the last days of 2021 and the first days of 2022 the winds will change, from moderate to weaker westerly and southerly winds. In addition, there will also be a decrease in rainfall in the north-western and northern parts of the peninsula.

Today is when the change in temperatures will occur, predominating the anticyclone that will bring stable weather with a generalized rise in temperatures. Although fog may appear in areas of the Mesetas, temperatures will rise in most regions of the peninsula.

All this, causes spring temperatures to occur on these days of year-end and beginning of 2022, which does not mean that winter is over.

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