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Pedro Sánchez and the financial aid for La Palma

BayRadio | December 28, 2021

Just 48 hours after the end of the eruption of the La Palma volcano was declared, the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez has visited the island to communicate to La Palma that they are not alone in the process of reconstruction and to communicate many of the measures and aid that have been taken. The emergency is not over yet, so he asks for understanding and patience from the citizens.

Many of the measures that have already been taken and some of the aid that has already reached La Palma are, among others, the road works that began while the volcano was still erupting and were forced to be paralyzed by the proximity of the lava. Now they can continue because the volcano no longer threatens.

Among the financial aid that has already arrived, the amount of more than 112 million euros stands out. For example, EUR 300,000 was spent on the creation of citizens’ offices which were created from scratch, more than EUR 2 million has been spent on hotel accommodation and EUR 6 million on the purchase of 64 housing units, in addition to 1.7 million euros in prefabricated housing.

264,000 euros have been spent on the families in these houses and another 4.13 million euros for essential basic aid. One and a half million euros has been earmarked for municipal expenditure. Psychological support has also been and will continue to be provided, for which an amount of 30,000 euros has been earmarked.

These are just some of the aid that has been given to La Palma, according to President Sánchez, thanks to the involvement of all the administrations.

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