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Today, Spain is experiencing its warmest New Year’s Eve in history, what will the first day of 2022 look like?

BayRadio | December 31, 2021
Winter On The Beach

2021 began with a strong foot and says goodbye in an atypical way, today in Spain will be the warmest New Year’s Eve since there are climate records, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

We are used to take grapes with hat and scarf however this year the values of the last day are more spring, and even summer than winter. Thus, Granada, for example, will record 25 degrees in the central hours of the day, when its highest temperature on December 31 goes back to 2015 with a maximum of 19 degrees.

In Cáceres they will reach the 20º and will exceed by 4 degrees its record of highest temperature on December 31, which was of 16º in the New Year’s Eve of the year 1994. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with 27º and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with 26, also achieve record high temperature on New Year’s Eve, which was 24.6 in 1998 and 1995, respectively. Seville will reach 22, one more than in 1974 when it recorded its highest temperature on December 31. While Madrid, with 16 degrees, adds one more than its historic peak of 1979. And Bilbao, with 21, repeats maximum as in 1959.

The weather of the first day of January 2022 will be very similar to that of 31 December 2021 “with very warm atmosphere for this time of year. With little cloudy skies, without rains, except in the west of Galicia, although they will be weak and with some areas of fog in the basins of the Ebro, Tajo and Guadiana”. On 2 and 3 January temperatures will continue at around 20 degrees, in the southern third, in the Balearic Islands and in the Mediterranean. It could only rain in Galicia and Asturias “weak rainfall”.

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