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The omicron variant becomes humanity’s most contagious virus

BayRadio | January 3, 2022
Omicron Variant

The omicron variant has already become the most contagious virus in humanity in just one month since its discovery. Currently, it is the dominant variant on most of the planet.

Until the onset of omicron, the virus considered to be the most infectious was measles. A person with measles can cause an average of 15 new cases in 12 days. Omicron, on the other hand, would cause 216 infections in that time.

But fortunately, “it’s a variant that’s behaving like a common flu,” says María José Abadías, deputy director of care at Vall d’Hebrón Hospital. Also, some experts point out that the virus will have to be coexisted with.

For its part, vaccination is curbing the spread of the virus in this sixth wave. In Catalonia, 8,117 new cases have been reported this Sunday, about 400 fewer cases than last week, although fewer diagnostic tests have also been performed.

Regarding hospitalizations, in Catalonia there are currently 1,700 patients with coronavirus admitted and more than 400 of these are in the ICU. They indicate the profile of people in the Intensive Care Unit who are not vaccinated or who do not yet have the third booster dose.

In Galicia cases continue to increase, but at a slower pace. ” What really worries us is the hospital translation that can have, which is true that over the next few weeks due to the accumulation of cases can happen, “says Roberto Guerri, infectious disease specialist.

According to the information published by th Health Ministry, the accumulated incidence in the Valencian Commuity is 1.1740 contagions per 100.000, the Generalitat is looking at the data every day, but so far, they’re not implementing any more restrictions.

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