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The shopping basket is now more expensive: this is what you will pay extra for oil, meat, soft drinks and eggs

BayRadio | January 3, 2022
Shopping Basket

January is always difficult for many families, but this 2022 is still more so. In fact, it is being the hardest in recent years with the rise in the price of electricity and fuel as the main culprits.

Last December, 41% more has been paid compared to 2020 and the result of this becomes an average household bill of around 120 euros.

Also, fuels have increased throughout 2021 and have increased up to 26% for gasoline and 28% for diesel.

This is what you will pay for the oil, meat, soft drinks and eggs

  • For olive oil: 23.6% more.
  • For sheep meat: 15% more.
  • For soft drinks: 10% more.
  • For the eggs: 4.9% more.

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