These are the symptoms that differentiate each variant of covid-19: Omicron, Delta, Deltacron

todayJanuary 10, 2022

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It is difficult to distinguish the symptoms of the Omicron variant from those of the Delta or Deltacron variant, as the clinical pictures can be very similar. However, there are a number of basic symptoms of these variants of COVID-19 that are important to know and that can help us distinguish one from another.

These variants share a number of common traits that will make you suspect that it is the coronavirus: the nasal secretion, sneezing and headache.

What symptoms differentiate them? We explain them below.


The main characteristic of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, as noted by the scientific community, is a higher transmissibility compared to the other previous variants.

This high percentage of transmissibility has caused the collapse of Primary Care during this sixth wave of coronavirus.

However, Omicron causes a much milder disease, with fewer complications than other variants or even that of the flu.

Extreme fatigue, fever, tachycardia, muscle pain or night sweats are some of the characteristics of this new variant. One of the great differences with the rest is that, normally, those infected do not lose taste or smell.

Although the variant of Omicron seems much milder than the previous ones, from the Ministry of Health emphasize that the risk of contagion of Omicron is considered high and the vaccine effectiveness in this respect is unknown, therefore recommend continuing to maintain all prevention measures against the COVID-19 virus.


As for the Delta variant, the intense sore throat, the dry cough, the loss of smell and even difficulty breathing stand out.

Some typical symptoms of Omicron, such as muscle aches, extreme fatigue, or muscle pain, occur to a lesser extent in the Delta variant of coronavirus.


The new variant, Deltracron, has the genetic signature of the omicron variant and the genomes of the delta variant. At the moment, few more details are known about it, although it has been detected more frequently in hospitalized patients than in those patients with coronavirus not hospitalized.

It is too early to determine whether in the future this variant will be more pathological or contagious or whether it will be imposed on Delta and Omicron.

It is also very difficult to distinguish these variants from a common flu, very present at this time of year. With the flu, it usually appears: high fever, cough, congestion, headache, muscle and sore throat. The difference? These symptoms usually last about a week.

Written by: BayRadio News

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