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Pfizer Announces New Vaccine Against Covid-19 Omic Variant To Be Ready In March

BayRadio | January 11, 2022
Pfizer Vacine

Pfizer has announced on Monday that its vaccine against the omicron variant, with which it hopes to achieve better results of protection against this mutation of the Covid-19, will be ready next March.

This was confirmed by Albert Bourla, CEO of the pharmaceutical company during an interview on the American network ‘NBC’. As he explained, the company does not know if the use of this new dose of vaccine will be necessary, but they have started to manufacture them to have them available soon.

This version of the coronavirus vaccine is intended to improve immunity against the omicron variant, the predominant one at the moment that is generating an exponential increase in infections in Spain and the rest of the world. Even so, the doses of this ‘update’ of the vaccine will serve the rest of the disease variants.

Just as Bourla has acknowledged that he does not know whether the use of the omicron vaccine will be necessary, he has also pointed out that he does not know whether a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be equally necessary: “It has to be tested. We will do experiments”.

“The hope is that we will achieve something that has much better protection, particularly against infections, because protection against hospitalization and serious illness right now is reasonable with current vaccines, provided that the third dose has been administered.”, he said during the interview.

Pfizer is not the only pharmacist already working on a dose of the most effective Covid-19 vaccine against the omicron variant. Moderna, which also manufactures messenger ARNs vaccines, also works on it and sets its new dose of vaccine for autumn to fight omicron.

Modern, however, is still in talks with health authorities to decide the management strategy for its renewed drug. ” We want to be ready with the best product possible by autumn 2022, “said CEO Stephane Bancel.

On the other hand, Pfizer has already concluded agreements with countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea or Switzerland worth about $18.5 billion.

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