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Those admitted by covid to the Dénia Hospital increase to 24 while the light is glimpsed at the end of the tunnel

BayRadio | January 14, 2022
Denia Hospital

This sixth wave, so fierce in contagions, continues to have the great advantage that the vast majority of cases are mild or even asymptomatic that are not requiring hospitalization. But even so, there are so many positives -3,076 in the last three days, that it is inevitable that hospital pressure will increase. And it has, even slightly.

Thus, according to the weekly meeting held this Friday between Public Health and the municipalities of the Marina Alta, the number of people admitted to the Hospital is now 24, of which 18 in primary care and 6 in the ICU. It is a higher number than last week, when in the center of Denia there were 16 patients in primary care and 3 in ICU, only half. All this without forgetting the great pressure that the health professionals of the demarcation are suffering, especially in primary care.

At that meeting they also realized that the «incidence is very high», specifically of 3,655 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, even more than the one made public this Friday by the Ministry of Health, which was 3,597. This difference is due to the fact that while the council has given data until yesterday Thursday, the department of Denia already has today’s numbers. The issue therefore remains on the rise.

In any case, it is true that experts believe that light is being glimpsed at the end of the tunnel: and that the first signs are already being produced that the curve of the virus, which has been triggered for weeks, is going to be calmed down. However, it is very likely that this much desired drop will not have real effects until the month of February, as sources from several municipalities have indicated.

Written by BayRadio

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