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What to do if you continue to test positive after 7 days of quarantine

BayRadio | January 14, 2022

A few weeks ago, the government approved the reduction from 10 to 7 days of quarantine if you’re positive for coronavirus. This measure was approved to combat the advance of omicron and the barrage of coronavirus cases. Despite these seven days of quarantine, there are still people who continue to test positive after the seventh day.

The reduction of quarantine in positive cases was also pushed to cope with the surge of work losses from Covid positives. The omicron variant has less lethality than other variants, however, it expands faster. In recent weeks, we have seen how many countries in the world, including Spain, have recorded daily records of new infections and the cumulative incidence has skyrocketed.

What you should do if you test positive for an antigen or PCR after seven days of isolation is to continue to be isolated. Vaccinated people have a more ephemeral infection because the antibodies provided by the vaccine kill the virus faster. The problem is when there are people who are still positive after seven days, although, it is very likely that these people are very little infective, although they can continue to infect. It is normal that after a few days the people who tested positive after the seven days of quarantine do not continue to give, in any case, their infectivity will be residual or non-existent.

According to a study by the National Institutes for Infectious Diseases and the Disease Control Center of Japan, indicates that between days 3 and 6 from the onset of symptoms the greatest infectivity occurs. After the seventh day of symptoms, 18.8% of cases can still spread. From the tenth day, the study found no trace of the virus.

A study by the UK Health Secury Agent has estimated that 31% of people remain infectious after five days of symptoms. After seven days with symptoms, the percentage is reduced to 16%. 10% between days 8 and 9. After 10 days of coronavirus symptoms, 5% of cases are still infectious.

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