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More than 6,400 antigen tests in violation of health standards

BayRadio | January 17, 2022
Antigen Tests

Guardia Civil agents intervened in Madrid a total of 6,420 antigen tests for the detection of Covid-19. These were of four different brands that did not comply with the established health regulations.

The intervention occurred after regular inspections in two warehouses, hidden from the commercial areas of the establishment. There were several boxes with autotests, according to the statement.

During the counting of the tests in one of the warehouses, a batch of 321 containers of a product that claims to repel or block viruses and bacteria was also found. In addition, the labelling does not comply with current regulations, as they lacked instructions in Spanish.

Business owners have been proposed for administrative sanction because they lack authorization for the distribution of this type of products. Antigen tests and virus and bacterial repellents have been made available to the competent authority.

From this Saturday, antigen tests have a regulated price set. Therefore, pharmacies may not sell them for more than 2.94 euros. The Christmas holidays caused a high demand in its distribution and acquisition, so they had been sold between 6, 7 euros and 12 euros.

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