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Boris Johnson accused of “blackmailing” and “extorting” deputies to slow down the impeachment process

BayRadio | January 21, 2022

A conservative MP accuses Boris Johnson of intimidating and attempting to “blackmail” critical MPs who are trying to push for a process to remove him. Johnson faces growing calls for him to resign from attending a party on Downing Street at a time when the UK was under strict confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, William Wragg, chairman of the Civil Service and Constitutional Affairs Commission, accused the government of blackmail: “In recent days, several deputies have faced pressure and intimidation from members of the government”.

Wragg acknowledges that there have been threats and invites Members who have suffered it to denounce it: “Therefore, my general advice to colleagues is to report these matters to the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police,” he adds.

The British Prime Minister defends himself and assures that he has no “evidence to back up these accusations”. House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle considers these charges “very serious” and recalls that no one is “above the law”.

Johnson has said he attended the meeting on May 20, 2020 thinking it was a “work event”, a date for which staff had been told to “bring their own drink”. Johnson said on Tuesday that no one had told him that the meeting was against the Covid-19 rules.

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