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Russia Moves Military Missile Trucks to Crimea Base

BayRadio | January 28, 2022
Russia Conflict

Ukraine wakes up waiting for the next movement of Vladimir Putin and wakes up in the usual tense calm since the crisis began. The Russian Government responded yesterday to the letter in which NATO and the United States responded to their requests and from the Kremlin assured that there were not many grounds for optimism, although they left the door open for dialogue.

French President Emmanuel Macron will speak with Putin this Friday, as the first European leader to do so since the conflict broke out. Pending such a meeting, Russia continues to make movements within its borders. In recent hours, Russian military trucks have moved to the Sevastopol base in Crimea, carrying missiles.

Putin takes the time to respond to documents sent by the United States and NATO, but not to mobilize more armaments and troops.

Following a letter to Russia responding to Putin’s demands from the US and NATO, China emerged as a new actor in the conflict. The Asians, traditional allies of their Russian neighbors, yesterday called the attention of the United States asking to respect “the legitimate concerns” of Moscow.

Following this move, the Biden administration has responded and asked China to take advantage of its “influence” to cool the West’s conflict with Russia. For his part, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has criticized the “expansion” of NATO and has asked all agents “calm and containment”.

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