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This would be the process of expelling Boris Johnson from the Government

BayRadio | January 28, 2022

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has denied that he is trying to delay publication of the ‘Partygate’ report, in reference to the parties organized at his Downing Street residence that might have broken the rules of social estrangement when the coronavirus pandemic was going through its most critical point in the country.

During an official visit to North Wales, Johnson responded to the controversy: “Let the independent investigation take its course”.

The report is being prepared by the top British official, Sue Gray, and according to the British press there is a disagreement between her and Johnson. On the one hand, the research officer is in favour of the results being published in full and being made available to Parliament, while the PM prefers that only a summary with the conclusions be disseminated.

In any case, the investigation will not affect Johnson, who has already acknowledged that he will continue in office executing “the plan and vision of the conservatives for the country”. Meanwhile, Labour leader Keir Starmer has reminded him that “he is under police investigation and does not seem to be aware of the spectacle, or what that means”. ” How much more damage are you willing to cause to the country and to the trust of the people?” he asked.

The opposition cannot expel Johnson, however, their own party can. According to the Conservative Party bylaws, the process to push for a vote of confidence requires that 15% of MPs send letters requesting it to the president of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady.

Several Conservative MEPs have already indicated their intention to send letters to this committee to replace the PM. For the process to go ahead, the 1922 Committee must receive 54 letters.

However, among all the controversy, there are those who have extended Johnson’s hand, like the head of Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss: “I support you 100% and I want you to remain our prime minister”.

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