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4 of Boris Johnson’s Advisors Resigned for Downing Street Party Scandal

BayRadio | February 4, 2022
Boris Johnson

Four advisors of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have resigned for the party scandal at the official residence on Downing Street. These are the Director of Policy Strategy, the Director of Communication, the Chief of Staff and the Private Secretary. Not only is the opposition calling for the resignation of the prime minister, but inside his cabinet Johnson is losing support after the police investigation and also the internal investigation on Downing Street.

According to research, at least two of these resigning advisers are also said to be involved in the festivities that took place during the months in which the rest of the population was confined by the coronavirus pandemic. It was Johnson’s private secretary, Martin Reynolds, who allegedly invited a hundred people to a party on May 20, 2020, urging them to bring alcohol to “seize the good weather”.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson remains in power although he is losing more and more support, but with no intention of resigning. In the report of British senior official Sue Gray, she stated that “leadership failures” had occurred while illegal parties were held at the Prime Minister’s official residence.

In addition, that investigation confirmed at least 16 parties. ” Some events should never have been allowed, and others should have been allowed otherwise. There are already lessons that can be drawn from all these events and that must be addressed immediately by the government, without having to wait for the police investigations to be concluded, “Gray said in the report.

The scandal, already known as ‘Partygate’, has endangered the British government. Still, the opposition itself cannot expel the prime minister. It would require a vote of confidence promoted by his own party which, in order for it to succeed, would need the petitions of at least 15% of the Conservative MPs. For the process to go ahead, the 1922 Committee must receive 54 letters.

While the political storm continues, Johnson continues to enact rules that some see as diversionary maneuvers such as lowering coronavirus restrictions or announcing a call to Russia’s president amid the country’s escalating tensions with Ukraine.

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