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The Council of Ministers will approve on Tuesday the end of masks in exteriors

BayRadio | February 4, 2022
Blue Surgical Protective Masks

The Royal Decree to end the mandatory use of masks against coronavirus in exteriors will be approved by the Council of Ministers next Tuesday. Thus, it will enter into force from its publication in the BOE, which could take place from Wednesday, February 9.

As early as Thursday, Health Minister Carolina Darias announced that the end of the obligatory mask in exteriors was near and that the evolution of coronavirus infections in Spain was positive.

According to these forecasts, the approval of this Royal Decree by the Executive on masks in exteriors will take place one week after the Congress of Deputies approved its ‘in extremis’ extension and only with the ‘yes’ of the PNV, while ERC and EH Bildu abstained. In addition, PP, Vox, Ciudadanos and PDeCAT, voted against.

The adoption of this text on 1 February was controversial because it also included the CPI-compliant updating of non-contributory pensions, which did not please several political groups, which criticised the linking of two issues “had nothing to do with each other”.

While it is difficult to find agreement among experts on measures and restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to end the pandemic that began in 2020, it is common to find consensus on the unnecessary binding of masks in exteriors.

Among his arguments, in addition to the difficulty of contagion outdoors if safety distances are maintained, they find that it can contribute to the worsening health of the population in other respects. ” There are many more infections like gingivitis, pharyngitis. The mask produces a decrease in the supply of oxygen in air and, therefore, bacteria and fungi grow in the filter of the mask, “according to Florentino Díez, a neologist at the HM hospital in Regla.

In addition, coronavirus masks and their widespread use have been shown to enhance skin problems in the face, such as dermatitis and rosacea.

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