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Vladimir Putin believes that if war breaks out “there will be no victors, there will be no time to blink”

BayRadio | February 8, 2022
Macron And Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron met with Vladimir Putin, promising a “new security mechanism” in Europe, in exchange for a de-escalation at the Ukrainian border.

After the meeting, the Russian president warned that in the event of a war between his country and NATO: “If a war breaks out, there will be no victors. It won’t even give them time to blink,” Putin said.

Macron arrived in Russia without being received by any Kremlin authority. Once with Putin, they have sat at a table more than six meters long to begin negotiations, communicating through a translator.

“I would like the dialogue to continue so that we can build solutions in the short and long term,” said Emmanuel Macron, who will meet with the Ukrainian president today. He hopes to mediate between the two countries and resume talks with the Kremlin soon.

Putin, however, contradicts the diplomatic path he claims to maintain and claimed that Russia is one of the main nuclear powers “and is ahead of many countries”. He also pointed out that in the event of a war, “there will be no victors”.

Russia continues to test anti-aircraft missiles on the border and Ukraine deploys anti-tank units alongside the Crimean peninsula, movements that only increase tension.

The French president adds that the current situation on the border between the two countries, Russia and Ukraine, “puts at risk the balance and stability of the entire continent and that is not in the interests of Russia or Europe”.

Although this meeting has not succeeded in de-escalating tension, it could have bought some time. According to Macron, the coming days could determine the future of the conflict.

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