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British police to question more than 50 people about Downing Street parties during covid-19 pandemic

BayRadio | February 11, 2022
Boris Johnson

The London Police are going to question more than 50 people about the parties at the residence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Downing Street during the coronavirus pandemic.

Those contacted should provide the “story and explanation” of their “participation” in any of the events under police investigation, which occurred between May 20, 2020 and April 16, 2021.

The Police explained in a statement that the questionnaire issued to people has “formal legal status” and the answers must be sent back within seven days.

Scotland Yard does not detail who is under its magnifying glass in relation to the festivities held during the worst moments of the coronavirus. A new image of Johnson has recently been broadcast at one of these celebrations alongside an open bottle of champagne.

In addition to sending these first questionnaires to more than 50 people, the security forces reserve the power to contact more people “in the coming days and weeks”, in case new suspects are identified.

Police explain that “being contacted does not necessarily mean that person will receive a fine”. ” However, if after an investigation, agents believe it is appropriate because covid regulations were broken without a reasonable excuse, a sanction will be issued”.

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