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The restrictions in force in each community after the end of the mask outdoors

BayRadio | February 11, 2022
Covid Passport Spain

The use of the mask outdoors is no longer mandatory since yesterday. Catalonia takes a step forward and reopens discos after almost two years closed due to the incidence of COVID-19.

Galicia also removes restrictions on schedules from Saturday. Navarre will remove some restrictions starting next week, such as the covid passport, which will also be removed in the Balearic Islands this Saturday.

Only the Basque Country, Galicia and Murcia continue with restrictions on seats and schedules. The covid passport is still needed in Galicia, Aragon, La Rioja, Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia, Ceuta and Melilla.

See below all the restrictions in each autonomous community to contain COVID-19 infections after the end of the mask outdoors.

Comunidad Valenciana

The covid passport will be required until 28 February in entertainment venues and restaurants, regardless of capacity, at events of more than 500 people and to enter social service residences. As well as gyms or cinemas, circuses, sports facilities and venues where food or drink is consumed.


The covid passport is mandatory to access the interior of bars and restaurants, entertainment venues, nursing homes and hospitals, until February 15.


Covid passports will continue to be required for hospital visits and visits to nursing homes.


No mandatory restrictions. The use of the mask in the playground during the break at school is not mandatory.


You do not need the covid passport or the use of the mask in the playground at school.

Castilla y León

Without mandatory restrictions.


Without mandatory restrictions.


  • Indoor seating is 75%.
  • The covid passport will remain mandatory until February 25.
  • The public shall be seated
  • Maximum of 10 people indoors and 12 outside.
  • Sanidad could allow the reopening of the dance floor starting next week, if the epidemiological situation permits.

Castilla-La Mancha

Without mandatory restrictions.


Without mandatory restrictions.

País Vasco

  • Closing of commercial, social and cultural activities at 01:00 hours.
  • Seating at 60 per cent.
  • No standing consumption in bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
  • No more than 10 people.
  • The measures will be in force until 13 February


Without mandatory restrictions.
It is not mandatory to wear the mask in the playground during the break at school.


  • The covid passport is mandatory in hospitality, nightlife, gyms, senior residences, hostels and patients’ companions in hospitals, among other establishments until 12 February, although it could be extended until 26 February.
  • Limit of people per table: ten outdoors and eight indoors.
  • Bars and restaurants close at 01:00, except Friday and Saturday at 01:30.
  • Nightclubs close at 04:30 and weekends at 05:00.

La Rioja

The covid passport will be required only for access as a visit to hospitals, nursing homes and centres for people with disabilities from 15 February.


  • Restrictions on hospitality and nightlife wane next Tuesday, February 15.
  • The need to present the Covid passport will be eliminated.
  • It is not mandatory to wear the mask in the playground during the break at school.

Islas Baleares

The covid passport is mandatory in hospitality and large social events. Also for the bathroom.

Islas Canarias

It is no longer obligatory to present the ‘Covid certificate’ in leisure and catering premises, its use is voluntary.


It is mandatory to use the covid passport to access the interior of the hospitality sector with a capacity of more than 50 people, as well as to enter discos and other nightlife establishments or visit elderly people in residences or hospitals.


  • The covid passport is required to access the interior of the hospitality and in and out of nightlife establishments. Also to access residences, hospitals and penitentiaries.
  • Capacity is restricted to 75% in bars, cafes and nightlife.

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